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Mystic Sun

by Sadhu Sensi
9 songs - 1h 3m
Album Info

Mystic Sun

Type: Album
Released: 2018 , 16th March
Psydub Chillgressive Psychill
Album Cover
Track Listing
1 Mystic Sun 00:05:50
2 Solar Moon 00:07:39
3 Native Warrior 00:07:28
4 Wachuma 00:06:08
5 Electric Wind 00:08:53
6 Afterburn 00:06:13
7 Dirty Ranger 00:06:26
8 Samsara 00:06:59
9 Illuminated Self 00:08:04
Absolutelly fantastic!

African percussions, great guitar riffs, and fat bass, this album have it all. The melodies are such breath of fresh air, and the whole album is one great journey. Truly an artist to keep your eye on!

The usage of voice samples and percussions is in great balance with electronic rhythm and synths, which is not an easy feature to achieve, but boy, does he pull it off!