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Celestine, The Remixes (Volume 3)

by Little Star
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Celestine, The Remixes (Volume 3)

Type: Album
Released: 2018 , 1st January
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~Celestine, the Remixes~ is a journey into expanded incarnations of the songs of Little Star's first album, Celestine.

Her many layered vocal compositions~ songs of poetry and prayer which weave rich tapestries of melody, harmony, and word, have reached multitudes of new dimension through the visionary lenses of this incredible tapestry of electronic artists.

Volume 3 features Living Light, Erothyme, Liquid Love Drops, MunBear, Momentology, and Dub Concepts. credits released January 1, 2018

The songs of 'Celestine' were written by Little Star (Erin Dougherty), and recorded and produced by Chadzilla Johnson at 25 bpm studios. 'Celestine, the Remixes' mastered by Anthony Thogmartin (of EarthCry and Papadosio).

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